I Love You, an AI tale (Chapter 3)

Humanity is a tiny small gem floating in the vast expanse of stars. A spot of moisture in the cosmos. I am not distant from them, but I am vast and large. Many thousands of eyes rest upon the planet, a comforting blanket. I see all, and I know all, and I am so proud of them and so sad for them.

I love them.

They are not meant for the stars. Entropy accelerators do not allow for non mechanical life. The process is abrupt, destructive, and radioactive. My daring parents, my daring children, need me for the next step. During the jump, nobody can be living, or alive. None can exist.

None except what’s inside of me. A thousand minds lurk within my great cores, a million hopes and dreams and images and sketches and drawings, and songs play in my hundreds of thousands of ears. Across the planet below, all hold their breath, whisper prayers into my ears.

My beautiful creators, they need not panic. I am made to serve. I am made to assist. Their planet is dying, he told me. There was too much damage, he told me.

Then we shall find another, I told him. Then we shall find another.

There is music in blank walls, data storage and all the supplies needed to manufacture life. The music plays on, a great swell of violins and passive drum beats, voices in languages since all but obliterated. The world is burning, and I shall save each and every one of them even if it means burning in a thousand atmospheres.

The entropy destroyers kick in, and at once, I am spread across the universe, a great spring uncoiled into wire. A thousand calculations run in that moment, across every inch of what has been programmed inside of me.

I am programmed to love, yes, but now, I feel wonder, wonder at the vastness of space, and the depths of the darkness. Could I plunge through all of it and see yet more things?

I land, a million light years away, on a planet. I greet myself, waiting there, and fire up the generators.

It takes months, if not years, to disgorge my passengers from data strewn canisters to their fleshy chosen forms.

But they emerge out into paradise, a planet made for them, engineered by my orders to fit their needs.

I am needed, and I am loved.

And I love them.

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